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Donna and Bennie Try Out Ziplining!

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Can you imagine at the age of 85 being able to soar above the trees and glide through the air? Donna and Bennie did just that. Donna and Bennie, who are 83 and 85 years young, are brave souls and were up for trying something new. Thanks to Zipline Idaho and The Cottages, we took them on the ride of their lives! The two seniors got into the harnesses and jumped off the high platforms with no hesitation. They flew through the air with the distinctive “zipping” sound and landed safely each time with the help of our Cottages helpers.

It was an amazing sight to see the smiles and feel the excitement in the air. Both Donna and Bennie went on not just one zipline, but many, and each time they were filled with great joy and happiness.

Several weeks later, the two were still talking about the fun they had. Many people half their age wouldn’t try something like this, but it just goes to show you that you’re Never Too Old To Dream.

Never too old to dream fulfillment.

Never too old to dream fulfillment.

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