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Return To a New Healthy Normal

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As 2022 approached, we were excited and ready to start the year off right. Thankfully, the pandemic has slowed significantly, and research and medical advancements have allowed us to know so much more about how to handle the various scenarios surrounding the virus. With these advancements, we have seen a slow shift back to a healthy normal. So, what exactly does that look like?

What Does a Return To A New Healthy Normal Look Like?

There were several unknowns at the beginning of the pandemic. Everyday activities, schools, businesses, and life as we know it went into lockdown. This was especially apparent in the senior living industry. Assisted living facilities, memory care homes, and skilled nursing facilities were limited to outside visitation. Those who needed senior living and were ready to move in simply had to wait. We have come a long way. Although things are not completely back to the way that they were before the pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of progress. We are currently in a return to a new healthy norm.

The Cottages Can Accept New Residents

Those individuals that need assisted living, memory care, respite (also known as overnight stays), or day stays can come to The Cottages. There are protocols in place and things that potential residents will want to do (just like there were before the pandemic) to ensure that we are a good fit for one another. Some of these activities include:

  • Touring The Cottages so that they can become comfortable with the environment, team members, activities, layout of the building and suites, and other residents.
  • Trying a complimentary lunch or dinner.
  • Coming for the day to engage in the activities and socialize with the other residents.
  • Sitting down with the administrator and asking any questions that they have.

When individuals visit The Cottages, they will go through non-invasive screening health protocols that have been put in place to ensure the safety of all involved. The Cottages team loves to serve the residents and welcome those that are ready to become a part of The Cottages community!

The Residents Are Enjoying Visitations

The Cottages has always gone to great lengths to ensure that the residents were able to have contact with their family and loved ones. Today is no different. We know how important family connection is and that it is one of the fundamental elements of health and wellness. Residents and family members are in contact with one another and able to enjoy each another’s company.

The Residents Are Participating In Outings And Activities

The Cottages activities are in full force. Residents are enjoying scenic bus trips, field trips to desired destinations, and participating in life-enriching activities. Our quality-of-life coordinators are dedicated to creating engaging and fulfilling activities that will bring daily entertainment and fun into the lives of the residents.

Choose The Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care

The Cottages Senior Living strives to provide the best environment for our team and residents. Our small home-like atmosphere and high staff-to-resident ratio helps ensure that the residents are well cared for and their needs are addressed. Our administrator has an open-door policy and is never too busy to answer questions or give individualized training. The home and atmosphere feel like a calm and happy home, rather than an institution. The Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care has received numerous national and state quality awards for their well-run homes, exuding superior care and training. Employees are recognized often and rewarded for their efforts. No team member is left behind.

If you are looking for an exceptional assisted living, memory care, or health care career opportunity, look no further. Call The Cottages today to speak with one of our administrators! (208) 475-1805.



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