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The Cottages Idaho Assisted Living Photo Gallery

Browse through the pictures of The Cottages. We provide the feeling of a home while still maintaining quality assisted living care.

Kitchen and Dining Room

The Cottages residents feel right at home because of the residential kitchen and dining room where the meals are prepared and served family style.

Beautiful Living Room

Another room that becomes a part of the kitchen and dining room area so that residents will feel as comfortable as possible. Large screen TV for easy viewing anywhere from the living or dining area. Nothing institutionalized here since the goal is to provide a home like setting for maximum enjoyment and independence.

Private Bedroom and Bathroom

Spacious rooms with plenty of room for personal furniture, each wired for cable TV, telephones, and Wi-Fi access.

Multi-purpose Room

Where the ladies and gentlemen get their hair done, games and activities occur, or where the family can have a private gathering.

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