Everyday Hero

We know that every day, our staff do amazing things for our residents that are above and beyond the call of duty. These moments make a difference in our residents’ lives, and improve their quality of life! Everyday Heroes create lasting and positive change through simple acts of kindness, courage, and love. It’s so important to recognize and celebrate those special moments that often slip by without notice. We want to highlight the individuals that shine at The Cottages. Our “Everyday Hero” program will show our appreciation for those special angels and the little moments that mean so much.

One of our core values at The Cottages is Teamwork, and we celebrate those who embody this core value. We would like to acknowledge Jenny Hughes, The Cottages Housekeeping Coordinator as an Everyday Hero. Jenny was nominated by The Cottages of Meridian. “Jenny went above and beyond Saturday morning. She picked up and delivered paint so one of the bathrooms would be beautiful by Monday for a move-in. She is the greatest! She also came in on a Sunday to make sure the room was painted, and the bathroom completed.”

caregiver hero

One of our core values at The Cottages is Teamwork, and we celebrate those who embody this core value. We would like to acknowledge Patti at The Cottages of Middleton. Patti took the opportunity to help one of our musicians. He had just finished performing for the residents and left for the day. A couple of hours later, a resident noticed that he was sitting in his car with his hood up. She notified the staff and Patti went outside to check on him. His battery had died. So, Patti grabbed her keys and helped him jump-start his car. We believe that Treating People Right goes for everyone, especially those who are a part of The Cottages’ entertainment group. Thank you, Patti, for exemplifying our mission statement, We Treat People Right, in the community! You are this month’s Everyday Hero!

every day hero

We would like to acknowledge and send a big shoutout to Alinah Stelly at The Cottages of Middleton. We received this from a family member, “Alinah treats my father and the other residents as if they are family.  She always has a smile on her face and makes residents smile.  All of the employees in Middleton are wonderful, but Alinah’s personality makes my wife and I feel like my dad is with family.  That is super important to us and we are extremely thankful for Alinah.” Thank you, Alinah, for exemplifying our mission statement, We Treat People Right!  You are this month’s Everyday Hero!

Anicia received an everyday hero award for doing an act of kindness for the residents of Middleton.  Her residents saw some people riding by on horses and one of the residents mentioned how much he loved horses and how it had been forever since he had ridden.  Anicia and a co-worker ran after the people who were riding their horses and asked them if they could come back so the residents of Middleton could see them and pet them.  The kind people agreed and our residents were thrilled.  It was so fun to see them interacting with the horses and riders…a little thing that made a world of difference for some very special seniors in Middleton.

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