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We love honoring our residents, and that is why we started the “Never Too Old To Dream” program. We find out what our residents’ likes and dreams are, and then we help fulfill them. We encourage our residents to always keep dreaming because we believe you are Never Too Old to Dream!

Cynthia and Lowell’s Dreams Fulfilled

Cynthia and her husband, Lowell, wanted to do something special to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. Cynthia and Lowell used to love to travel to the coast and eat seafood on a regular basis. Due to Cynthia’s health, she was not able to travel but we wanted to help them enjoy this anniversary in a way that was meaningful to them. We helped Cynthia get all dolled up and then had a limousine pick her and Lowell up at The Cottages. They drove to the Boise Depot to take some memorable photos, and then headed to Anthony’s for a delicious dinner of seafood. They had a wonderful evening celebrating their anniversary!

15 Veterans Dreams Fulfilled

For the past couple of years we have teamed up with Dream Flights! Dream flights mission is to to give back to those who have given and honor veterans and senior citizens by providing a Dream Flight experience to thank them for their contributions to making our country what it is today. This year we were able to help 15 veterans enjoy a flight in the open skies in a Boeing Stearman biplane. It was an amazing day and here are a few highlights from it! Click here

Several of Our Resident’s Dreams Fulfilled

We had a wonderful time being able to help fulfill several of our residents who reside at our Columbia Village campus dreams of attending a BSU football game! Not only did they get to attend the game, but they were able to watch the game from front row seats. They enjoyed delicious food, great company, and an excellent game. We loved being able to fulfill their dreams!

Billy’s Dream Fulfilled

One of our residents, Billy, served in the National Guard. He had maintained a private pilot license for many years and flown many flights. His dream was to fly again! So, The Cottages teamed up with White Oak Hospice and through our Never Too Old To Dream program, we were able to make his dream come true by taking flight in a helicopter. Billy said it was better than he could have dreamed of and that he is so grateful for The Cottages Never Too Old To Dream program. We are grateful we were able to create this special moment for him and are grateful we get to serve our residents every day!

never too old to dream

Ted’s Dream Fulfilled

Who doesn’t love classic cars?! For his Never too Old to Dream experience, Ted wanted to have a car show. In his younger years, Ted restored and fixed classic cars. To honor his dream, we brought the car show to him! A classic car parade proceeded and then the cars were lined up, so that Ted, his loved ones, our residents, team, and community partners could enjoy looking at them. It was a great day and we loved being able to fulfill Ted’s dream!

Ted never too old to dream

Anders Dream Fulfilled

Anders, who is 98 and resides at The Cottages, along with high school track athletes did a warm-up lap together at the beginning of the Emmett High School track meet. Anders’ dream was to be able to do one more lap with runners who understand what it means to train and compete. Anders isn’t running at this point in his life so in order to make his dream happen, we used our Blessing Bike. Anders son and running buddy, Harlan, rode the bike for him. Many young athletes came up to shake Anders’ and Harlan’s hands at the end of the race. Anders joked that it was the easiest race he’d ever run!!

We are grateful for Ashley Holt, athletic director, and Seth Condors, track coach from Emmett High School for helping us make this event possible. We are also grateful for The Blessing Bike non-profit who gave The Cottages a blessing bike a few years ago. KEYSTONE HOSPICE also attended to help with pictures and support.

never too old to dream Cottages

Donna and Bennie’s Dream Fulfilled

Donna and Bennie, who are 83 and 85 years young, are brave souls and were up for trying something new. Thanks to Zipline Idaho and The Cottages, we took them on the ride of their lives! The two seniors got into the harnesses and jumped off the high platforms with no hesitation. They flew through the air with the distinctive “zipping” sound and landed safely each time with the help of our Cottages helpers.

It was an amazing sight to see the smiles and feel the excitement in the air. Both Donna and Bennie went on not just one zipline, but many, and each time they were filled with great joy and happiness.

Several weeks later, the two were still talking about the fun they had. Many people half their age wouldn’t try something like this, but it just goes to show you that you’re Never Too Old To Dream.

cottages assisted living memory care never too old to dream ziplining

Paul and Juanita’s Dream Fulfilled

Two of our residents had their dream fulfilled. They took to the sky in a hot air balloon! Neither one seemed nervous at all as the balloon lifted off, just excited. It was a beautiful summer morning and Chanel 6 & 9 News joined us to chronicle this fun event. Paul from The Cottages of Boise learned to fly an airplane before he learned to drive a car. He spent many years in the U.S. Air Force and enjoys the feeling of flight. During the balloon ride, Paul exclaimed, “I don’t like this at all. I would rather be the pilot!” He did have a great time, however, seeing the beauty of Boise from the air again and all the growth the city has had through the years that he’s lived here.

Juanita has lived at The Cottages of Nampa for several years. She has the most adventurous spirit and is up to do almost anything. She goes on all the bus rides and loves to try new things. She discovered that she is the brave one in her family when her son declined to join her on the ride! She jumped at the chance to soar into the air, and if you ask her about the hot air balloon ride, her whole face lights up in a big smile. She asks when she can do that again!

See the Channel 6 & 9 coverage and news story

Boise cottages assisted living memory care never too old to dream

Coach Benton’s Dream Fulfilled

We honored our resident, who goes by “Coach,” with a visit from many of the football players from BSU. It was truly an emotional event to make a special day for such a great man. We are grateful to the BSU football team for making our Coach’s dream come true!

“Coach” was an all American athlete. He played for Northwestern Louisiana State in 1941 and lettered in football, basketball, and track. In 1946 he transferred to UCLA and played as the quarterback and defensive back for their football team. They had an undefeated regular season, but lost in the Rose Bowl. In 1947 he was selected for the All-Star team that played the All-Hawaiian team in Honolulu (Hula Bowl). He was elected team captain, threw five touchdowns, and was voted the MVP.

He also competed for UCLA in discus and pole vault during the NCAA Track & Field Championships. He served as the varsity backfield coach at San Diego State for two years and later served as an assistant coach in the NFL under John Madden. In 1983 he was appointed to the National Faculty of the United States Sports Academy.

We’re excited that we were able to honor him and be a part of fulfilling one of his dreams!

Boise State University the cottages assisted living memory care never too old to dream

Carol’s Dream Fulfilled

We helped fulfill a dream for our resident, Carol. Carol is 90 years old and has been at The Cottages of Payette for 6 years. Carol worked for Myer & Frank for many years and enjoyed her time as a secretary. But Carol had one thing she had never done—Carol had never married, in fact, she has never been on a date in her whole life! She says that she was just too shy and could never bring herself to talk to anyone of the opposite sex.

Administrator Sarina Burdan and her staff wanted to make Carol’s dream of going on a date come true, so they called up the President of The Cottages and asked him to be Carol’s date. Mark came to the door of The Cottages of Payette with a corsage in hand, went down on one knee, and asked Carol to go out to lunch with him. Carol had donned a beautiful gown, and with a smile as big as the sky, graciously accepted.

The two rode in style to the restaurant in a limo from Rod’s Limos with a driver decked out in his finest pink tuxedo. Carol and Mark had a wonderful lunch at The Hideaway Grill in Payette. There were red roses on the table, candles to set the mood, and a delicious meal for two.

The staff at The Cottages of Payette shared that Carol was smiling for the rest of the day and told everyone about her special date! Everyone gets emotional when they talk about “Carol’s Date,” and how much it meant to make that wish come true for her.

the cottages assisted living memory care never too old to dream

Peggy’s Dream Fulfilled

We took our resident Peggy, from The Cottages of Meridian, to meet her favorite movie idol, Maureen O’Hara. Maureen was celebrating her 93rd birthday with a celebration at the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise. Peggy watched one of her favorite movies, “The Parent Trap,” and then attended a meet and greet event where she was able to sit down with and actually spend a moment with Maureen O’Hara.

Peggy has been a fan of Maureen O’Hara from the time she was a teenager. Peggy shared with us that she always loved Maureen’s movies and that she related to Maureen because she was an Irish redhead like Maureen when she was younger. Peggy has most of Maureen O’Hara’s movies and watches them with the staff and other residents whenever she can. She also is reading Maureen’s autobiography. Peggy talks about the joy that Maureen’s movies have brought her over the years and how much she still enjoys watching them. Peggy is still raving about her amazing day and we are so thrilled that The Cottages were able to make Peggy’s Dream come true!

Meridian cottages assisted living memory care never too old to dream

Never Too Old To Golf

As part of our “Never Too Old to Dream” program at The Cottages, we took a group of residents golfing at the Rolling Hills Golf Course in Weiser. We took our Cottage golf carts, loaded up, and took off to tour the greens. It was a beautiful autumn day, and we rolled through the entire course, then did a little putting. We finished up with a delicious lunch at the clubhouse. Many of our residents at The Cottages of Weiser have personal stories about this particular course and the special times they’ve had golfing over the years.

weiser the cottages assisted living group photo giveback program

Freida’s Dream Fulfilled

As we traveled the golf course in our Cottages carts, many heads turned and arms waved to say hello to Freida. She spent many years golfing here and shared the story of how she got a hole in one twice on the same hole, five years apart!

Weiser cottages assisted living memory care never too old to dream

Hope’s Dream Fulfilled

Hope is standing in front of a rock that has a lot of meaning for her. Hope’s husband, Charlie, and her son, Gary, played together for many years. When they passed away, the Rolling Hills Golf Course made this memorial to honor them.

Weiser cottages assisted living memory care never too old to dream

Jack’s Dream Fulfilled

One of our favorite stories of the day was from Jack Ogami. He told us that his father, Frank, made the very first hole in one on this course when it first opened. Jack tried to follow in his father’s footsteps, but didn’t get that hole in one today!

Weiser cottages assisted living memory care never too old to dream

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