The Cottages Management Services

What we offer

We offer management services for Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities:

  • Operations management to include marketing, PR, branding, and advertising oversight
  • Financial management
  • Accounting controls

Why we deliver results

  • We conduct an operational analysis of the people, process, and product
  • We develop a customized strategic plan
  • We implement the necessary programs and strategies that will create results

Why we stand out from the rest

  • We have a 16+ year track record of owning/operating 13+ Assisted Living and Memory Care homes in a multi-state setting (The overall average occupancy rate is 90+%)
  • We have a strategic roadmap that produces financial success
  • We have a highly educated and experienced leadership team
  • Our marketing and advertising strategies increase leads in a cost effective manner
  • We have developed programs that reduce re-hospitalization and increase quality of life
  • We offer a variety of trainings that improve the staff’s skill set. These include culture, customer service, employee orientation, marketing, and dementia sensitivity
  • We successfully implement dementia support groups that generate inquiries and help the community
  • We have created a robust quality of life program that has improved resident satisfaction
  • Our employee orientation program has reduced employee turnover by 20%
  • We are experienced in implementing electronic medical records which increase efficiencies
  • Our administrators average length of employment is 9 years
  • Our safety committee has significantly decreased worksite accidents

How to get started

Evaluate your current results and ask yourself, “Is there room for improvement?”

If the answer is, “Yes” then congratulations because you are ready to make your next bold move towards creating the results that you deserve.

Call (208) 475-1805 today to receive your complimentary phone consultation and start your journey towards greater success!