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Celebrate Long-Term Healthcare Heroes

By December 8, 2022No Comments
celebrate long-term healthcare heroes

For the month of December, let’s celebrate our long-term healthcare heroes. The pandemic weighed heavily on many, especially our long-term care heroes. While many were isolated at home, these heroes were showing up every day to provide loving care to the residents and their patients. Caregivers, administrators, activities directors, cooks, maintenance managers, and more chose to fulfill their duties and responsibilities every day. This still continues today. As we focus on giving and thinking of others this month, here are a few ways that we can celebrate our long-term healthcare heroes. 

Write A Heartfelt Letter or Card

Giving to others doesn’t have to involve grand or expensive items. In fact, words of appreciation often mean the most, especially to caregivers. Long-term care workers in assisted living and memory care homes have big hearts and receiving positive feedback on how they are making a positive difference in the lives of those they serve will deeply touch their hearts. To make a difference in the lives of long-term care workers this holiday season, write a heartfelt letter or card and take it to your nearest assisted living or skilled nursing facility. 

Sing Some Holiday Cheer

Everyone loves it when others spread holiday cheer, especially through song. The long-term care workers and residents would love to listen to holiday songs. Youth groups, local church groups, or a group of friends that enjoy singing can set up a time with a local assisted living or skilled nursing facility to come and sing to them. This will bring joy to all in attendance.

Shower Them With Yummy Goodies

It wouldn’t be the holidays without yummy treats and goodies. The holidays are a time to bake and make delicious candy, fudge, cookies, peppermint bark, hot cocoa, fruit cake, and more! As you’re engaging in baking, make a little extra and stop at your nearest long-term care facility to share with the hardworking team members. This is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. 

Provide Self-Care Items

Healthcare workers are consistently giving to others and sometimes forget to take care of themselves. Putting together a self-care package that would allow them to rest and relax is just what they need. A self-care package could include herbal tea, a warm fuzzy blanket, slippers, bubble bath, or cozy socks. 

Volunteer at Their Facility

Long-term healthcare heroes love to see the residents happy and smiling and engaging with others. There are a lot of opportunities and even a need for volunteers in long-term care facilities. Whether it is bringing a fun activity that would involve the residents and team members, sitting and talking with a resident, or helping with a holiday party or activity, the extra help is always appreciated. Giving back to the senior living community is a way of giving back to healthcare heroes. 

The Smallest Gesture Makes A Difference

Whether an individual provides goodies or volunteers their time, even the smallest gesture this holiday season will make a difference. Our long-term care heroes do so much to consistently give back to others, and it is important to make sure that we give back to them. So, if you are looking for ways to do something special for someone this holiday season, consider celebrating our long-term healthcare heroes. 

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