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Enhancing Seniors’ Lives. Fulfilling Seniors’ Dreams.

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Enhancing Seniors’ Lives. Fulfilling Seniors’ Dreams.

The Cottages has been on a mission to enhance seniors’ lives and help fulfill their dreams since 2001! The father-son combo, Garold and Mark Maxfield, teamed up to bring a new, better way of providing assisted living. It all started when they had a vision to take care of seniors in a smaller, home-like environment. They imagined a community where the residents would feel at ease, not be overcrowded, experience a variety of fine dining options, and personalized care. However, it would not stop there. Soon, Mark, who is now the CEO and Owner, would bring to life a place where exceptional care and residents’ dreams could thrive in harmony. 

The Cottages’ “Never Too Old To Dream” Program

Mark and The Cottages team take great pride in honoring seniors, as they have paved the way for all of us. They have been where we have been, built the communities that we are fortunate to reside in, and are full of wisdom and experience. Not only do they deserve to live in a comfortable, loving assisted living or memory care home, but they also deserve to continue fulfilling those dreams they’ve imagined over the years. This is how the Never Too Old To Dream program began! 

The Cottages’ “Never Too Old To Dream” program discovers what their residents’ passions and dreams are, and then helps bring them to fruition. Oftentimes, The Cottages team up with community partners who have similar interests in serving and honoring seniors and want to give back to one of the greatest generations of all time. Team members at The Cottages encourage the residents to always keep dreaming because they believe you are Never Too Old to Dream!

The First Never Too Old To Dream

The very first Never Too Old To Dream fulfillment will make your heart melt! Carol was 90 years old, had been a successful business woman, but she had never married or been taken on a date. She said this was simply because she was too shy. So, The Cottages team decided it was time to help Carol’s dream come true. 

They called up Mark, who was the President at the time, and asked him if he would take Carol on a date. Without hesitation he arranged to have a corsage made, scheduled a limo, and made a dinner reservation. Mark swiftly arrived at The Cottages, knelt down and asked Carol if she could go to lunch with him. The team helped Carol get dressed up in a beautiful gown. Mark was dressed in a suit. He placed the corsage on her wrist and they rode to the restaurant in the limo, where they enjoyed a delicious meal. 

Carol had an amazing time and kept smiling. She continued to tell people how special that day was for her. This not only made a huge impact on Carol, but the team cherished it for years to come. 

the cottages never too old to dream

Mark, The Cottages CEO, giving Carol her corsage.

Billy’s Dream Fulfilled

A more recent dream fulfillment was Billy, who had served in the National Guard. He maintained a private pilot license for many years with many flight hours under his belt. He dreamed of being able to be up in the sky and fly again. The Cottages team wanted to make sure this could happen. 

The Cottages teamed up with White Oak Hospice and arranged for a helicopter ride. Together, they created an opportunity for Billy to get in a helicopter for an amazing flight in the sky. Billy said it was better than he could have dreamed of and remains grateful for The Cottages’ “Never Too Old To Dream” program. Everyone in attendance was smiling ear to ear as they saw how happy this made Billy. 

the cottages never too old to dream

Billy taking flight in a helicopter

Anders’ Dream Fulfilled

Anders loved running and was an avid athlete in high school, where he was a star on the track team. At the age of 98, he was no longer able to run but dreamed of being able to do one more lap with runners who know what it means to train and compete. So, The Cottages teamed up with Keystone Hospice and arranged for Anders to ride in the blessing bike alongside the Emmett High School track athletes and do a victory lap! Anders’s son and running partner, Harlan, was able to peddle the bike for him as he rode in it. The athletes loved being a part of this special day and many came and spoke with Anders, sharing their comradery and mutual love for running. Anders joked that it was the easiest race he’d ever run. It was an incredible experience and one that impacted all in attendance.

the cottages never too old to dream

Anders with the Emmett High School Track Team

Never Stop Dreaming

One of the most interesting and impactful aspects of this program is that people’s dreams and desires aren’t always big and grand, and they are unique to each person. In fact, it is oftentimes the smaller, more meaningful moments that matter the most. Whether that is visiting a restaurant once enjoyed, attending a concert of a favorite artist, riding in an airplane, going to a sporting event, or taking a stroll around the track, the best dreams can be simple. Everyone has different things that are important to them. The key aspect is to listen and get to know what is meaningful to others. This is how dreams are fulfilled. This is how we enhance seniors’ lives. 

Let Us Help You Today!

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about careers at The Cottages and the care that our residents receive at our Idaho locations. We are experts in assisted living, memory care, respite, adult day care, and have been serving seniors for over 20 years. Our small home-like senior living homes and specially-trained team members offer an atmosphere that promotes the well-being of your loved one.  

If you have any questions, would like to tour one of the Idaho assisted living or memory care homes, or speak with one of our licensed administrators, please fill out the form below. Please mention which location(s) you’re interested in.