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3 Ways To Make The Holidays Enjoyable for Seniors

By November 10, 2022No Comments
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The holidays are around the corner and with that comes traditions, family get-togethers, and more. It is a time of joy and sharing memories. Yet it can also be a difficult time, especially for those that may not be able to do the same things that they used to. Those who live in assisted living or memory care may not be able to go and visit their loved ones. This can lead to sadness and depressive symptoms.¹ Here are three ways to help overcome the holiday blues and make them enjoyable for seniors. 

Participate In Holiday Festivities Together

Senior living homes often host holiday activities such as dinners, cookie exchanges, present exchanges, and more. Family and loved ones are encouraged to participate in these activities and plan outings and events of their own that include their loved one that is residing in the assisted living or memory care home. Some fun holiday activities could include: 

  • Driving around and looking at the Christmas lights
  • Making a project together such as a quilt, cards, or a wreath
  • Putting up decorations
  • Listening to holiday music
  • Playing board games 
  • Watching holiday movies
  • Talking about pastimes and recording their thoughts
  • Taking pictures together 
  • Wrapping presents   

Help Them Know That You’re Thinking About Them

Due to distance or circumstances, it’s not always possible for family members to visit their loved ones. This can be difficult for individuals, especially as they see those around them getting together with family and friends. During these times, there are several ways to let your loved one know that you are thinking about them, such as: 

  • Sending them a heartfelt letter, card, or email
  • Talking to them on the telephone more often
  • Participating in a video call
  • Having a personalized present delivered to them

No matter what a person decides to do to reach out, the important thing is that their loved one residing in a senior living home knows that their family and friends are aware of them. 

Get Involved & Give Back

There are many seniors that don’t have someone to celebrate with. What should be the best time of the year can quickly turn into the worst time of the year for those who feel alone. There are several organizations that help give back to seniors and ensure that they feel loved, acknowledged, and recognized during the holidays. One such organization is Allona’s Angels. Since 2016, they have been delivering gifts and helping seniors, especially during the holidays. For example, this Christmas, you can “Adopt a Senior!” This involves filling out a form, receiving an email about a senior and their holiday wish list, and then dropping off a gift for this individual. You can learn more about this here.  

You can also contact a local assisted living or memory care home near them and see what the residents need or want, then look for ways to brighten their holiday! Even the smallest effort will mean so much. So, look within the community to see how you can give back to seniors during the holidays!



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