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Safely Moving Your Loved One into Assisted Living or Memory Care During Covid

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This past year has been a roller coaster for families and individuals that are searching for assisted living or memory care. Those that have needed senior living have often been unable to move in, or the process has been significantly slowed because of the pandemic. Feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and apprehension have been high. Many know that they need someone or a place that can assist them with their daily living activities. However, they are unsure how to go about it safely, and wonder where they should turn.

The good news is that conditions are getting better and there are protocols in place that help make it safe to move to assisted living or memory care. The following are some guidelines to assist you in the decision making process.

Is It Time to Move into Assisted Living or Memory Care?

Consider the following questions when determining whether it is time to move into assisted living or memory care:

  • Is my loved one’s health declining to a point that it is no longer safe for them to be home alone?
  • Are daily living activities such a bathing, cooking, cleaning, and taking necessary medications becoming difficult for them to do?
  • Is my loved one feeling isolated and could benefit from more socialization?
  • Is my loved one unable to transport themselves outside of the house and run daily errands?
  • Is it becoming more difficult for my loved one to remember daily tasks and conversations?
  • Has my loved one been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s?
  • Is my loved one showing significant weight loss?
  • Has my loved one suffered a recent injury or fall?

If you answered “yes” to most or several of these questions, then it is likely time to start considering assisted living or memory care.

Safely Moving in During Covid

It is a misconception that it is not safe to move into assisted living or memory care during covid. There are several procedures and protocols that are being followed to help make the transition safe. The CDC and local health department have guidelines and directives in place that long-term care facilities are following to care for the health and wellbeing of current and future residents and staff. Procedures such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sanitizing, vaccination, and regular covid testing of current staff, residents, and new residents is occurring. The infection rate within Idaho’s counties is consistently going down, which has had a positive impact on visitation.

What Does Visitation Look Like?

Visitation within assisted living and memory care can vary in each county. However, the current state guideline is that loved ones can visit when the positivity rate is less than 10%. Each of The Cottages are in areas that have less than 10% positivity rates. This means that families can visit their loved ones at all 10 locations. Precautions such as PPE are being taken. It is recommended that you schedule with the location’s administrator to set up a time to safely visit and be made aware of visitation protocols.

Choosing the Right Assisted Living or Memory Care Home

Choosing the right assisted living or memory care home is essential. When searching for an assisted living or memory care home, we recommend that you look at staffing ratios. How many staff members are there to the number of residents? Do they provide home-cooked meals and tailor to special dietary needs? Do they have a dedicated activities director that helps the residents participate in engaging, life enriching activities? Is the administrator readily accessible to answer your questions or address needs? Are the residents happy and look well cared for? Does the atmosphere feel right, and does it feel like home? Does the facility have good survey outcomes, and have they been awarded local and national quality awards? These are just a few questions to ask when searching for the perfect place.

Choose the Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care

The Cottages Senior Living will provide the best environment for your loved one. Their small, home-like atmosphere and high staff to resident ratio help ensure the residents are well cared for and their needs are addressed. The home-cooked meals not only follow dietary guidelines but are delicious and nutritious. The activities are tailored to the residents’ wants and desires, creating life-enriching moments. The administrator has an open-door policy and is never too busy to meet with family or answer questions. The home and atmosphere feel calm, happy, and look like a home, never feeling like an institution or hotel. The Cottages has received numerous National and State quality awards for their well-run homes, exuding superior care.

If you are looking for an exceptional assisted living or memory care home, look no further. Call The Cottages today to schedule a tour or speak with one of our experts! (208) 475-1805

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