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4 Tips to Increase Overall Health & Wellness

By March 22, 2022June 8th, 2022No Comments
Senior living health and wellness tips

No matter what stage of life we are in, we all want to feel good and incorporate things into our lives that will help increase our overall health, wellness, and joy. There are several activities that seniors can implement into their daily lives that will help them physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Below are some tips that will help increase overall health and wellness, especially as one resides in assisted living or memory care.

  1. Join in Social Activities

As humans, we are social creatures and although each person varies in their desired level of engagement with others, it is important that we are not isolated and take the opportunity to interact with those around us. Socialization is important for our overall health and well-being. Socialization can help lessen feeling of loneliness, increase a sense of belonging and enhances memory and cognitive skills. Socialization has even been correlated with living longer and improved morale. If a person is not able to participate as readily in in-person activities, then even connecting with others via technology helps. Either way, it is important to understand that even if you aren’t feeling social, a little bit of socialization will go a long way.

  1. Participate In Daily Movement

Exercise and daily movement are vital for one’s overall health and wellness. Daily exercise has been associated with:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Reduced risk of a heart attack
  • Better weight management
  • Lowered blood cholesterol levels
  • Lower risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Stronger bones, muscles, joints, and lower risk of developing osteoporosis
  • Lower risk of falls

These and many other benefits are linked with daily exercise. Whether it is a walk around the neighborhood, a jog on the treadmill, or participating in the physical activities that are offered at the Senior Living home, it is important to take the opportunity to engage in daily movement.

  1. Breath in the Fresh Air

Not only does breathing in fresh air just make you feel better mentally and physically, but there are known health benefits to it. Taking a moment to step outside and breath in the air gives you higher levels of oxygen. Exposure to more oxygen and fresh air has the following benefits:

  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Blood vessels in your lungs open, improving tissue and cleansing repair
  • Boosted energy
  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improved digestion

So, take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and even if it is only for a few minutes, breath in some fresh air.

  1. Meditate

Research has shown that meditation is very beneficial for one’s overall health and wellness. Often, individuals who have never tried meditating before are not sure where to start or how to engage in it. There are several ways that a person can participate in meditation. These can include:

  • Yoga
  • Relaxed breathing
  • Focused attention
  • Appreciating a quiet setting
  • Walking and enjoying the surroundings
  • Prayer
  • Mindfulness
  • Guided meditation
  • Focusing on things one is grateful for
  • Reading and reflecting

Whether a person has engaged in meditation several times or is just beginning, it is worth continuing. Several health benefits are associated with meditation including enhanced self-awareness, focusing on the present, decreased negative emotions and stress levels, increased imagination and creativity, improved management of anxiety, asthma, depression, sleeping problems, headaches, and chronic pain.

Start Increasing Overall Health & Wellness Today

As a person engages in social activities, daily movement, breathing in the fresh air, and meditation, multiple mental, physical, emotional, and social benefits will result. It may seem overwhelming to engage in each of these all at once. However, picking one thing such as daily movement, then building from there will result in improved health and wellness.

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