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Giving Back To Our Team And Their Kids

By September 13, 2022No Comments
employee appreciation

The Cottages appreciates the heart and soul that our team members put into their work every single day. We’re consistently looking for ways to show our appreciation and help out our fellow teammates. The Cottages recently held the 6th Annual Back To School Give Back Program, and it was a success!

How The Back To School Give Back Program Began

Several years ago, The Cottages CEO, Mark Maxfield, started thinking about the time that kids start going back to school. It is an exciting and busy time, but with it comes significant stress, as parents are laden with the burden of buying new school clothes, supplies, getting their kids registered for classes, school sports, and more. What should be a fun experience can often become stressful and financially draining. Recognizing this, Mark had an idea. What if The Cottages bought the needed school supplies for elementary, middle, and high school kids and provided these for the team members? This could give significant financial and emotional relief. Without a second thought, Mark said, “Let’s do it!” and he and the home office team worked together to make it happen. The first year was a success and since then, it has continued to bring smiles on the parents’ and kids’ faces. There are several kids that have been able to participate since the beginning and we were able to capture some pictures from several years ago to now!

employee appreciation

What Is Involved To Make This Happen?  

Each year, the home office team orders backpacks, pencils, pens, crayons, scissors, thumb drives, binders, and all the supplies that are needed on the school supply lists. In addition to this, community partners will help by donating things such as hand sanitizer, tissues, and other items. Tables are set up all throughout the home office and for several days, team members and their children come and visit the home office where they pick out the items that they need for the school year. One team member’s child mentioned that: “It’s kind of like trick or treating!” The home office team has a great time talking with teammates and meeting their family, if they haven’t already. Games are often set up where the kids get a chance to win fun prizes in addition to school supplies. This year, The Cottages was able to provide school supplies for 70 children. It was an amazing experience for all involved. 

The Cottages Give Back Program

The Cottages Back To School program is just one of many that The Cottages undertakes to give back to their team and the local communities that their homes reside in. They feel it is so important to “Give Back” to the communities that many of the residents grew up in and supported throughout their lives. That is why they started “The Cottages Give Back” program. They look within the local communities and identify areas that The Cottages can “Give Back” to those in need. Some “Give Back” opportunities include providing scholarships, helping local Senior Centers, providing breakfasts for first responders, giving supplies to the Black Canyon High School special needs class, and more. If there’s one thing you need to know about The Cottages, it is that they care! They are continually looking for ways to make a positive difference in the residents’ and team members’ lives, and the communities that they reside in. 



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