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Emerging Trends In Senior Living

emerging trends senior living

Senior Living is changing at a rapid rate because of technology advancements and the baby boomer population moving into assisted living homes. What was offered ten years ago, will no longer suffice and more is expected from the long-term care industry. The great thing is senior living communities have embraced this thought process and many are adopting emerging trends to help their residents thrive and create a brighter future for the industry. 

Technology Advancement In Senior Living

Technology advancement in long-term care has changed the way residents are living and enhancing nearly every aspect of their lives. Technology is also helping senior living providers to increase safety and upgrade their senior communities. So what are some emerging technologies that seniors and senior living providers are taking advantage of?

  • Remote Sensors. These devices are helping both residents and the senior living communities, as they are non-intrusive and monitor movement. This type of technology helps increase response time, should an accident such as a fall occur. It also records how much activity an individual is getting. 
  • Mobile Apps. It seems as though every day a new app is being developed for seniors. These apps can be for entertainment purposes, health monitoring, or to provide important information on desired subject matters. 
  • Robotics. You may have seen a robot or two that is starting to move into the senior living environment. Robots are being utilized to help serve meals or water, deliver mail, provide entertainment, or perform light housekeeping
  • Electronic EMAR/EHR Systems. Electronic Medical Administration Record/Electronic Health Record systems are quickly advancing in their features and capabilities. This is helping senior living communities save time, improve efficiency, better adhere to regulatory requirements, and enhance safety. 
  • Telemedicine. Long gone are the days when individuals would have to wait in a patient room or take weeks to see the doctor. Technology now allows individuals to engage in virtual telemedicine visits and gain access to medical care without delays.

telemedicine assisted living

These are just a few of the many technological advancements that are reshaping senior living. The possibilities continue to grow with each passing day!

Services Coming To You

As the incoming generation expects more of senior living, they will request and even require services they once needed to travel to start coming to them. The great news is that organizations are heeding the call and fulfilling these residents’ needs and expectations! Some of these services include:

  • In-house Physical Therapy. The days of residents needing to leave their senior living community to engage in physical activity are long gone. Many home health and physical therapy businesses will come to the community and provide on-site physical therapy. 
  • Doctors’ House Calls. Before the 1960’s, doctors actually visited patients in their homes, whether that was to receive a check-up or see to an illness or injury. Over time, house calls became a thing of the past and patients had to go visit the doctors office to receive care. Now, house calls are no longer obsolete, as there are many physicians and nurse practitioners who visit senior living communities to attend to their patients’ needs. 
  • Mobile Dentistry. Dental offices are getting on board as well to bring dental hygiene to seniors! It is common for dental hygienists to set up shop in the local senior living communities and assist the residents with their teeth cleanings. 
  • Beauty & Relaxation. Many senior living communities have in–house beauty stations where the residents can get their hair cut and styled. They can receive manicures, pedicures, and facials. If they want some major relaxation, they can receive a massage from a massage therapist. Entertainment. Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities are consistently providing a plethora of entertainment options for the residents. Outside entertainment such as musicians, magicians, and artists are now visiting communities. 
  • Entertainment. Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities are consistently providing a plethora of entertainment options for the residents. Outside entertainment such as musicians, magicians, and artists are now visiting communities. 

manicure senior living

Promoting Overall Wellness

Senior living is quickly embracing concepts, techniques, and programs that promote overall wellness. Simply providing care that tends to an individual’s physical needs is not enough. Assisted living and memory care organizations recognize the importance of caring for one’s physical, mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. Some of the ways that long-term care communities are doing this include: 

  • Quality of life programs. Many communities have activities programs. However, organizations that want to provide more than just entertainment for their residents invest in quality of life programs. Instead of activities directors, they employ quality of life directors, who tailor their programs to the residents overall wellness. 
  • In-house Spiritual Services. Many individuals are used to attending church or worship services throughout their lives. This can become difficult to do as one ages. Senior living communities are recognizing the importance of spiritual health and providing worship services or scripture study sessions at their campuses for residents. 
  • Mental/Intellectual Engagement. As an individual ages, it is vital that mental and intellectual health are tended to. Senior living providers are stepping up in this area by providing in-person and virtual classes, book clubs, on-site libraries, computer labs, and more. 
  • Specialized Dining Options. As our knowledge of nutrition and health increases, many communities are gearing their dining menus to include taste and nutrition. The food that we eat heavily impacts our overall wellness, so it is important to have dining options that will promote health. However, senior living residents will not settle for subpar tasting food, so ensuring that it meets both aspects of taste and health are key! 

senior living book club

Senior Living Communities Are Stepping Up

As times change, technology evolves, and knowledge increases, seniors have begun to expect more; luckily, senior living communities are rising to the challenge. Long-term care is not like it was fifteen, ten, or even five years ago. The future is bright and the emerging trends for senior living are providing exceptional options for seniors to thrive. To find out more about what your local senior living community offers, set up a tour or give them a call today.

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