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How The Cottages Assisted Living & Memory Care Began

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At the beginning of a new organization, it is often hard to imagine the impact it will have and the lives that will be touched because of the service that is given. Garold and LaNetta Maxfield are the founders of The Cottages. They grew up in Idaho and raised their family in this great state. Their love for Idaho is strong and they have always sought to give back to others. In 2001, they decided to take a leap of faith and open an Assisted Living and Memory Care home in Emmett Idaho. Little did they know that this decision would have a tremendous impact. This choice would result in numerous seniors receiving unconditional love and care. It would create many jobs that would provide the means for families to survive. It would result in charitable acts and service for the communities in which The Cottages’ homes reside. The Cottages would continue forward with their son Mark Maxfield, who is the current CEO/Owner. Although they might not have realized it at the time, the Maxfield’s established more than just an assisted living home in Idaho. They sparked an enduring legacy of love, hard work, dedication, and service.

Inspiration Behind Starting The Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care

The idea behind starting The Cottages stemmed from Mark’s great grandfather who found himself needing long-term care. He was no longer well enough to remain at home and needed to go to a care facility. The only option at the time was a skilled nursing home. This level of care seemed higher than was necessary and Garold wished for an option that was in-between the level of living at home and skilled nursing. Assisted living would be that alternative. This experience planted the idea in his mind and the rest of the story unfolded. Garold counseled with LaNetta and called Mark to ask if he wanted to start an assisted living home. He was up for the challenge and so it began. In 2001, the first Cottages was built in Emmett, Idaho and eventually expanded to fourteen more homes.

Over the past twenty years, many people have expressed gratitude for Garold, LaNetta, and Mark Maxfield. They had the courage to move forward and take a chance by starting the very first Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Choosing the Right Assisted Living or Memory Care Home

Choosing the right assisted living or memory care home is essential. When searching for an assisted living or memory care home, we recommend that you look at staffing ratios. How many staff members are there to the number of residents? Do they provide home-cooked meals and tailor to special dietary needs? Do they have a dedicated activities director that helps the residents participate in engaging, life enriching activities? Is the administrator readily accessible to answer your questions or address needs? Are the residents happy and look well cared for? Does the atmosphere feel right, and does it feel like home? Does the facility have good survey outcomes, and have they been awarded local and national quality awards? These are just a few questions to ask when searching for the perfect place.

Choose the Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care

The Cottages Senior Living will provide the best environment for your loved one. Their small, home-like atmosphere and high staff to resident ratio help ensure the residents are well cared for and their needs are addressed. The home-cooked meals not only follow dietary guidelines but are delicious and nutritious. The activities are tailored to the residents’ wants and desires, creating life-enriching moments. The administrator has an open-door policy and is never too busy to meet with family or answer questions. The home and atmosphere feel calm, happy, and look like a home, never feeling like an institution or hotel. The Cottages has received numerous National and State quality awards for their well-run homes, exuding superior care.

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