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New Year’s Message From Our CEO

By January 10, 2023No Comments
new years message from our ceo

We have now entered the year 2023. It is a time of reflection, goal setting, vision, meaning, and moving forward. Our CEO, Mark Maxfield would like to extend this heartfelt message, with the hope that we may learn and grow from the past and thrive in the present and future. 

New Year’s Message From Our CEO, Mark Maxfield

Hello everyone.  I hope our first newsletter of 2023 finds you happy and content. With the Holidays just behind us, all of us here at The Cottages want to express our gratitude for your gifts, treats, visits, and even just support for us this last year.  

I’m pretty sure I said this last year, and perhaps even the year before, but I’m ready to put 2022 in my rearview mirror and move on with the intent to thrive in 2023.  It’s not that 2022 was so terrible, but frankly, there were some tough times in the world, (just look around) and all businesses, not just assisted living, suffered some setbacks. 

Despite staffing challenges faced by most, we remain relatively fully staffed.  I think we have our culture to thank for that.  Being a caregiver is not an easy job, and one will not get rich doing so.  But to those that choose to give of themselves, work at The Cottages, and labor in one of the most noble callings there is, I am grateful.  You should be grateful too.  

If you are reading this, then you either have a family member, friend, or patient that is a resident in one of our homes.  Or perhaps you are a co-worker and also witness the miracle of caregiving every day.  You, no doubt, have seen firsthand the incredible service, care, and love that our residents receive.  I take no credit for their excellence except for the responsibility as CEO/Owner of this company they choose to work for.  I look forward to continuing my association with them as we work together continuing to provide the care The Cottages is known for. 

With the politics, the economy, and all the other mind-numbing and otherwise negative emotions that are out there, it is not lightly that I declare that 2023 is a year to thrive.  What do I mean by “to thrive.”  Some folks/businesses are all about just surviving, or maybe even striving.  That’s ok, and we wish them well.  To thrive however means to flourish, even prosper despite all the other forces out there that only serve to drag us down.  

In 2023, we will no doubt witness some residents whose finite health will eventually catch up with them and staff who decide to move on, or any other of life’s inevitable occurrences.  All of us here at The Cottages, however, pledge to continue to provide great care, peace of mind, and assistance with dignity.  I think that is part of thriving; keep on, keeping on while still dealing with setbacks.  

I’m reminded of a resident at our Boise location.  When I learned she was over 100 years old, I asked, “tell me please, what is the secret to a long life.”.  Hardly missing a beat, she proudly declared, “oh, I just keep doing what I’m supposed to do, even when things get hard.”  THAT is thriving, and that is what myself, my teammates at The Cottages and frankly all caregivers who choose to work in senior care must do every day! 

Thank you for your friendship, your trust, and even your patience as we do our very best at what we love to do, care for seniors. Please join us as we commit to not only Thrive but make 2023 the best year yet. 

With love,

Mark Maxfield

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