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Q&A With The Cottages President Mark Maxfield

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The Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care CEO head shot

Q: Who founded The Cottages and what inspired them to start it?

A: The “Cottage” concept and original idea for the business was founded by my father Garold Maxfield.  He remains as the CEO of the company and is actively involved in new projects and continues to provide his leadership for the company.

Q: What is The Cottages mission statement and what does it mean to you?

A: “We Treat People Right.”  This means that as a company we are committed to treat every single individual we happen to come in contact with, the way we would want to be treated.  This includes of course our residents and their families, staff, community partners, vendors and everyone we have the good fortune of working with.  It’s a lofty goal, but we take it very seriously.

Q: What do you feel makes The Cottages different from other Assisted Living facilities?

A: I refer you back to our mission statement.  “We Treat People Right” is more than beautiful buildings, (we got that), more than kind, caring and trained staff, (we got that too), and it has to do with the entire experience we provide those in our care.  You can get good care at a lot of facilities.  At The Cottages, we provide the kind of experience that our residents deserve!

Q: The Cottages currently has 9 locations, do you foresee The Cottages expanding into other areas?

A: Definitely!  The Cottages will soon build in Twin Falls, Sun Valley and hopefully in Middleton as well.  Stay tuned to our website to learn where we will show up next.

Q: Why do you enjoy working in the Assisted Living & Memory Care field?

A: The Long Term Health Care field is one of the few rapidly growing industries where you feel good about the service you provide and know that you are helping families and making people happy.  Working for and serving the seniors in our society is a dream job come true for me!

Q: Is there any upcoming news concerning The Cottages that you’d like to tell people about?

A:  This is the barbecue season and we have them going on all summer long at our various websites.  You are all invited!

We want to hear from you! The Cottages team members have extensive experience in the Assisted Living & Memory Care field. If you have a question that you would like answered, leave a comment and we will answer it in an upcoming blog post.

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