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The Cottages Assisted Living & Memory Care Love to Give Back

By September 20, 2021September 29th, 2021No Comments
blog about the cottages give back program

The Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care homes are located throughout southwest Idaho. Many of them are in rural communities. Some of these communities include Emmett, Weiser, Payette, Middleton, and Mountain Home. It’s common for the residents at The Cottages to have lived in these areas for decades. They take great pride in their hometowns and have contributed much to the growth and prosperity. The Cottages feels it is so important to give back to the communities that many of our residents grew up in and supported throughout their lives. That is why the owner, Mark Maxfield, and his team started “The Cottages Give Back” program. The purpose of this program is to look within the local communities and identify areas that The Cottages can “Give Back” to those in need.

Giving Back to Our Communities

There have been several opportunities in which The Cottages team has been able to “Give Back” to others. For the past five years, The Cottages has been holding the Back to School Give Back program. Each year, The Cottages employees have the opportunity to bring their kids to the home office where they can pick out their school supplies, a new backpack, and meet the home office team. Providing school supplies for one’s child each year can become costly, especially if there are multiple children. Mark Maxfield, the CEO of The Cottages recognizes this, and that is why he started the Back-to-School Give Back Program.

The Cottages have participated in providing needed classroom supplies to local elementary and high schools. Since 2013, The Cottages has been helping the special needs class at Black Canyon High School. There have been years where The Cottages residents took a field trip and delivered the supplies. At other times, the high school students have visited the residents. Each time has been a fulfilling experience.

The Cottages has had many opportunities to give back and continue to do so. Some of the Give Back’s have included:

  • Sending care packages to our troops overseas
  • Supplying coffee and coffee cups to our local senior centers
  • Donating a monthly birthday cake to local senior centers to honor those who had a birthday that month
  • Providing dance scholarships to students at Becky’s Dance Studio that otherwise would not be able to participate
  • Providing continuing education scholarships to employees
  • And more

The Cottages team knows how important it is to care for our residents and team members. They also know how important it is to watch over those in their communities. Whether the acts of kindness are big or small, The Cottages recognizes it all matters, and they are stepping up to do their part in making the world a better place.

What Should People Look For In An Assisted Living And Memory Care Provider?

Choosing the right assisted living or memory care provider is vital. Helping a loved one find an assisted living or memory care facility where they feel comfortable, loved, and can engage in personal interests will make all the difference. When searching for an assisted living and memory care home, we recommend that you look at:

  • Fulfilling Programs
    • Does the facility have programs that fulfill their residents’ wishes and desires? Does the facility look into their communities and ‘give back’ to those in need? When choosing an assisted living or memory care home, look at the types of programs that they offer to their residents and the community.
  • Staffing Ratios
    • How many staff members are there compared to the number of residents? The higher the staffing ratio, the better. If your loved one needs assistance, are they able to care for them quickly? It is important that the appropriate number of staff are readily available to tend to your loved one’s needs.
  • Inviting and Fully Furnished Room
    • It is important that your loved one feels comfortable during their stay. An inviting, fully furnished room is essential. Ensure that the room is well kept, has a private bathroom, temperature control, comfortable bed, and linens.
  • Delicious and Nutritious Meals
    • Do they provide home-cooked meals and tailor to special dietary needs? It is essential that the food that is being served not only looks and tastes good but is full of health-promoting nutrients.
  • Engaging Activities
    • Do they have a dedicated activities director that helps the residents participate in engaging, life-enriching activities? It is one thing to participate in an activity. It is another thing to participate in one that genuinely interests your loved one. Find out if the activities that are offered can be tailored to your loved one’s interests.
  • Accessible Administrator
    • Is the administrator readily accessible to answer your questions or address needs? It is important that you can discuss needs or concerns quickly and not have to wait several days before gaining a response. Assess whether you can easily communicate with the administrator, and how likely they will be able to address you and your loved one’s needs.
  • Residents are Content and Well Groomed
    • Are the residents happy and look well cared for? It is crucial that your loved one receives the attention, care, and respect that they deserve. Observing the residents at the facility you are visiting will give you a good idea as to how attentive the staff are and the type of care that is being provided.
  • Inviting and Calm Atmosphere
    • Does the atmosphere feel right, and does it feel like home? From the moment that you drive up to the assisted living or memory care home, what type of a feeling do you get? Does it feel welcoming, light, and portray an encouraging atmosphere? When you walk up to the door and enter the building, does it give you a positive impression? Are you warmly greeted by the staff? An inviting, calm, and welcoming atmosphere is important when choosing the right assisted living or memory care home for your loved one.
  • Great Survey Outcomes
    • Does the facility have good survey outcomes, and have they been awarded local and national quality awards? When deciding which assisted living or memory care home to select, investigate the facility’s survey outcomes. Look at their survey history and determine whether there have been positive or negative outcomes.

These are just a few questions to ask when searching for the perfect assisted living or memory care home.

Choose The Cottages Assisted Living And Memory Care

The Cottages Senior Living will provide the best environment for your loved one. Their small home-like atmosphere and high staff-to-resident ratio helps ensure that the residents are well cared for and their needs are addressed. The Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care homes only have a maximum of 16 residents per home, which enables our staff to give more personalized care. The home-cooked meals not only follow dietary guidelines but are delicious and nutritious. The activities are tailored to the residents’ wants and desires, creating life-enriching moments. The administrator has an open-door policy and is never too busy to meet with family or answer questions. The home and atmosphere feel calm, happy, and look like a home. The Cottages are secure but never feel like an institution or hotel. The Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care has received numerous national and state quality awards for their well-run homes, exuding superior care.

If you are looking for an exceptional assisted living or memory care home, look no further. Call The Cottages today to schedule a tour or speak with one of our experts! (208) 475-1805.

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